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EQO offers early detection of zebra and quagga mussels as well as ongoing monitoring of invasive species populations with automated or onsite service. This includes quantitation of veliger content and advanced biomarker analytics at specific locations with the highest sensitivity, specificity, and granularity on the market. We have developed a proprietary technology based on cancer diagnostic and microbiome analysis technologies that allows us to give highly quantitative and targeted data, using validated systems without false positives, not available anywhere else. 

In addition to our next-gen services, we also offer traditional environmental biology services including: genotyping, eDNA analysis, cross-polarized light microscopy, sample collection, field biology, GIS services, nucleic acid and/or protein extraction from any sample type including plankton fractions, soil, bacterial colonies, water samples, whole organism, etc. We also offer experimental design and technical writing services for reports and publication as needed. 

Environmental Quality Operations has launched our flagship zebra mussel monitoring and detection service. The service is highly flexible can be automated and our scientists and engineers will work closely with you to determine the most efficient and robust monitoring plan tailored to your needs.


Zebra Mussels


  • EQO survey services are fully customizable to answer the questions you need answers to.
  • GIS modeling services provide clients with information about the size, location, and scope of infestation and most probable points of introduction of nuisance species.
  • Survey services can be provided regionally, in which samples are taken continuously to cover an entire region, or individually in which specific points of interest are monitored automatically.
  • High quality, professional geotagging and GIS analysis.
  • Whatever your zebra mussel concerns may be, from preventing infestation to controlling already infested areas, EQOs monitoring and detection services are there for you.