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EQO is housed at the Austin Bioscience Incubator in Austin, TX, a space funded by and located at Austin Community College, associated with The University of Texas, and funded by the Texas Emerging Technology Fund. The Austin Bioscience Incubator provides members with access to 4,000 square feet of wetlab space, a BSL-2 tissue culture facility, ISO 8 clean rooms, open workspace, and over 1.2 million dollars of laboratory equipment. More information and an equipment list can be found at

Specialty Devices Incorporated, Environmental Quality Operations
6001 Airport Blvd – Austin ,TX ,787524200 ,US.

Specialty Devices Inc. (SDI) has been a leader in the hydrological and geophysics engineering and surveying fields for over twenty-five years and is the parent company of EQO. Specialty Devices’ engineering and manufacturing firm in Wylie, Texas has produced cutting edge equipment since its inception and continues this proud tradition by creating cutting edge biological sampling equipment for EQO. SDI


The Texas Life Sciences Collaboration Center (TLCC) is a biotech incubator facility that creates a supportive and collaborative space for biotech entrepreneurs. The TLCC provides common and private facilities for its member companies and is funded in part by the city of Georgetown Chamber of Commerce. TLCC


Through a grant from the Texas Emerging Technology Fund (TETF) and in association with the TLCC, Austin Community College (ACC) has set-up the ACC Bioscience Incubator to promote public-private partnerships. As partners in the growth and success of EQO, this collaborative program provides access to state of the art molecular biology facilities and equipment. ACC Biotech